Department Awards and Scholarships

The Department of Art and Art History offers several scholarships and awards to help students pay for their education and build their resumes and portfolios.

Annual Student Art Exhibition

The juried UMKC Student Art Exhibition takes place each spring semester and is an excellent opportunity to showcase your artwork in a gallery setting. Monetary prizes are given for Best in Show, First and Second Places, and Honorable Mention.

How do I submit work for the Student Art Exhibition?

Watch for the Call for Entry in your UMKC email inbox to enter! Not getting our department’s emails? Let us know at

Graduate Assistantships

Current and prospective graduate students in Art History and Studio Art are encouraged to apply for our department’s graduate assistantships. The GA assignment and responsibilities are determined based on the student’s experiences and merit in addition to the needs of the department. Common assignments include providing teaching support to a particular faculty member or working in the UMKC Gallery of Art.

How do I apply for graduate assistantships?
The application process opens in late Fall for the next academic year. Once announced, send the application form along with your CV and letter of interest to to apply. Students who are applying for admission for Fall need to have their admission application complete by the previous spring to be considered for a position.

More information on Graduate Assistantships can be found on the School for Graduate Studies website.

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Department Scholarships

There are several scholarships available exclusively to students in the Department of Art and Art History.

Currently enrolled students must fill out the Continuing Scholarship Application by March 1 to be considered for all departmental scholarships, as well as many college- and university-wide scholarships.

What are the eligibility requirements?
Advertising Artist Guild Grant: Full-time student with financial need. Preference given to junior, senior or graduate student majoring in Studio Art. Award Amount: $500-3000 (funding dependent). FAFSA required.

George Ehrlich Scholarship: Undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Art History. Award Amount: $1000-2000 (funding dependent).

Geraldine E. Fowle Art History Scholarship: Undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Art History. Award Amount: $1000-3000 (funding dependent).

John Gutowski Memorial Scholarship: Full-time student majoring in art with preference given to junior, senior, or graduate students in Studio Art. Award Amount: $850-1500 (funding dependent).

Jedel Foundation Professor’s Scholarship Fund
Undergraduate or graduate student(s) majoring in the Department of Art and Art History. Award Amount: $4000. FAFSA Required.

S. Jane Voorhees Scholarship in Art and Art History: Studio Art or Art History major demonstrating financial need. Award Amount: $1000-2500 (funding dependent). FAFSA Required.

How do I apply for annual scholarships?

Fill out the UMKC Competitive Scholarship Application by March 1. Many scholarships are awarded based on financial need, because of this a FAFSA is often required before submission for those awards.

*Studio Art applicants must upload a digital portfolio of 5-10 images showing recent artwork to the AcademicWorks scholarship system. Video or animation projects are also accepted. Students must also upload a numbered image list referring to each digital image that includes the title, medium, size and year for each piece.

**Art History applicants must upload their best art history paper, preferably 10 pages or less of text with up to 5 additional pages of supporting images to the AcademicWorks scholarship system. Save file as LastnameFirstnameScholarshipname, or if you use the same paper for two different scholarships, save it as LastnameFirstnameArtHistory.

The College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship Office has more information and a full list of department- and college-level scholarships available to current students.

The UMKC Financial Aid Office has more information regarding university-wide scholarships.