Internships and Other Opportunities

Outside the classroom, we encourage Art History and Studio Art students to foster connections with their peers, network with arts professionals, and participate in Kansas City’s vibrant arts community.


Artifact Store

UMKC Gallery of Art presents Artifact. Artifact is a gift store that features products and artworks from our UMKC Art Majors. It is modeled after a museum store and has continually updated concepts and products from our Fine Art and Design students. Click here for shop updates and events.


UMKC Art Opps

We curate opportunities and post them on, our very own search engine of art and history opportunities and events. You’ll find curated listings of internships, scholarships, jobs, volunteer positions, workshops, calls for artwork and papers, and more!


Earning Academic Credit for Internships

Our students have the opportunity to earn class credit for certain internships, provided there is a significant educational component to the internship experience.

How to enroll in our department's internship course
  1. Identify a faculty member to sponsor your internship. Contact and discuss your internship idea with your preferred sponsored faculty before the semester in which you plan to complete the internship.
  2. With your faculty sponsor, determine the amount of credit hours to be earned for the internship. Each credit hour earned is equivalent to 50 internship contact hours. To earn 3 credit hours, approximately 150 internship contact hours must be completed. A 3-credit hour internship will amount to approximately 10 hours per week over the course of a semester.
  3. Submit the internship agreement to the Department Office in Fine Arts 204 no later than the second week of classes.
Intern responsibilities throughout the semester

There are three parties who commit to the internship agreement: a student, a faculty member, and a site supervisor. Please review and record duties/expectations associated with the internship.

Student Intern Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate with your faculty sponsor and site supervisor to complete necessary paperwork to begin the internship.
  2. Provide a written evaluation of the internship experience to the faculty sponsor upon completion of the internship.

Faculty Sponsor Responsibilities

  1. Assign a grade upon completion of the internship.
  2. Request progress reports or schedule a site visit during the internship.

Site Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Provide a written evaluation of the student’s performance no later than two weeks prior to the end of the semester.
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