Do Supermassive Black Holes have a Super Effect on Galaxy Shape?

Prof. Dan McIntosh has followed Astronomy Magazine since the early 1980s when his Grandpa Bill and Grandma Tressie McIntosh gave him an annual subscription. Just recently, Prof. McIntosh published the answer to an “Ask Astro” question. Ask Astro answers reader questions about the science and hobby of astronomy in every issue of the magazine so it is especially gratifying for Prof. McIntosh to have the opportunity to provide an answer as a professional astronomer.

The reader asked, “Since a great number of galaxies are spiral in shape and there is a black hole in the middle of them, is the shape of the galaxy influenced by the “sucking” power of the black hole, like water spiraling into the drain of the bathtub?” Prof. McIntosh provides the answer.

Orbits of starts near Sat. A*

Marvin Francois Memorial Fund Support

Marvin Francois

A GoFundMe page was established by A Bridge to the Stars members to help support the family of Marvin Francois.

Members of the A Bridge to the Stars family were deeply hurt and saddened to learn that Marvin Francois, the father of Jayden Francois, an ABttS scholar, tragically lost his life in an attempted robbery on May 31st. Please help us raise money to honor and remember his life as a father of four, an avid photographer, and a man who loved his family. Marvin, always made helping out anyone in his neighborhood/community a priority.

What stands out for us is Jayden bringing Marvin with him to class lectures and department group discussions. It was so obvious that Marvin loved to spend time with his son and loved learning all things Astronomy. He was the role model father, clearly engaged with Jayden’s interests and pursuits. Marvin Francois will be positively remembered by us all. At this moment, we wish we could tell Marvin how exceptional of a father he was in raising the thoughtful and bright son that Jayden is, and the good man like his father that Jayden is becoming. We hope that you are able to take a moment to hear Jayden’s words for hope in this brief June 3rd Fox4 news interview.

As a result of these circumstances, the Francois family is just only beginning the process of planning memorial services and trying to manage other unforeseen expenses during this terribly difficult time. If you are at all able, we would be eternally grateful for any monetary donations to assist in helping the Francois family bear the future expenses directly and indirectly related to this tragedy. During this time, it is unimaginable to consider the stress and grief this wonderful family is undeservedly dealing with – in hopes to remove financial stress from this time of grief, we ask for your help if you have the means to do so.

Physics Graduate Student Excels: Kameswara Mantha is a researcher, mentor, scientist extraordinaire

Kameswara ManthaExceptional is just one word to describe Kameswara Mantha, doctoral student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Department of Physics and Astronomy.

He is one of five individuals who are vying to be the first physics doctoral graduate at UMKC specializing in astrophysics. He’s making a name for himself through his dedication to physics research, scholarship and mentorship.

Pure determination and talent brought Mantha to where he is. While physics is Mantha’s passion, the path to a career in the field hasn’t been easy. Owing to the very limited opportunities to pursue physics degrees in his native India, Mantha earned a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering instead. In order to apply for graduate schools, “I self-taught to take the physics GRE,” Mantha said, and applied to top graduate schools in the United States. However, he was denied admissions by several institutes due to a lack of the right undergraduate degree.

So, armed with an engineering degree, Mantha joined the UMKC School of Computing and Engineering as a master’s student in August 2014. One day before the scheduled UMKC engineering student orientation, he learned about the UMKC Physics and Astronomy program, which stoked his hopes to pursue astrophysics. In a desperate search for an opportunity, Mantha pondered, “I’m going to try one last time” before approaching Professor Daniel McIntosh in the UMKC Physics and Astronomy Department.

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