Cameron - Comm Studies


Communication Studies

What excites you about your future?

I chose my major because I’m a motivational speaker and my goal is to travel and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Life is always going to give you obstacles, but you can change how it affects you. A few years ago it felt like I was going down a dark path, then I discovered the power of positive energy. I’m blessed to be alive, and now I focus on sharing that energy with others.

Now when I have a bad day, I focus on something good and remind myself good things are on the horizon, because they are — things won’t stay bad forever. Whatever the obstacles or situation, you can always take back positive energy.

What will you take from your experience at UMKC into your professional career?

I love the diversity this campus offers; you have a little bit of everything when it comes to ethnicity, which I believe is very important. Dr. Steven Melling, from the Department of Communication Studies, is a great teacher. He relates to people in class through modern references to Outkast and Beyoncé. He’s been a great example of how to relate to a diverse group of people. I’m trying to expand my skills in that area and have learned a lot from him.

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