Courtney - Foreign Languages and Literatures


Foreign Languages and Literatures

Why did you choose your major?

German was my favorite subject throughout high school, and learning languages is a hobby of mine. I lived with a Turkish family when I worked as a nanny in Germany for half a year, so I learned German well and also picked up some Turkish. Eventually, I’d like to go back to Germany or teach in Turkey. Knowing more than one language opens up new doors and the possibility to meet new people. I am excited to see where my language skills lead me.

What do you love about UMKC?

Before UMKC my knowledge of German language rules, history and culture were lacking tremendously; now, I feel I actually know something. As a teaching assistant, I learned effective teaching methods. It was beneficial to learn how different people learn a language and what tricks they use. The class sizes for foreign languages are pretty tiny. You get to know your professors and classmates well. Because of this, I don’t feel lost in the crowd, and I also feel accountable to do quality classwork.

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