Ford - Philosophy



What will you take from your education into your future?

Philosophy deals almost exclusively in knowledge for knowledge’s sake, the pursuit of truth and the love of wisdom. Our experiences make us who we are — our pasts are intimately tied with the present and our futures. If I’ve succeeded as a student, I will have the capacity to use every one of those experiences as opportunities for learning.

What do you love about UMKC?

UMKC has introduced me to people from walks of life I very much doubt I would have ever had the benefit or pleasure to know otherwise. I’ve found a fantastic group of really intelligent people I call my friends, and we like to get together with friends and fellow students in the philosophy honors society and debate all kinds of things. We talk a lot about altruism, free will, political structures and what it is to live the good life. We look like a bunch of people arguing, but that’s what philosophers do, I guess: argue … a lot.

All these people in my life are going somewhere and doing something impressive, and I’m excited to leave a mark on the world.

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