Krystal - Psychology



Why did you choose your major?

I have always wanted to study psychology because of my interest in the brain and the behaviors of diverse populations. I worked as a school photographer with my aunt in Texas and enjoyed observing the students and teachers. I looked into counseling and stumbled onto a career as a school psychologist, which is a combination of counseling and clinical work in a school setting.

What will you take from your experience at UMKC into your professional career?

My lab and research experiences with faculty at UMKC helped me get into a doctoral program at the University of Kansas. Drs. Carolyn Barber and Tamera Murdock prepared me to be a graduate researcher and helped me with my presentations. I never imagined that presenting at symposiums would help lower my anxiety of public speaking. Doing presentations was frightening the first time, but it got easier as I practiced.

What do you love about UMKC?

I love that the faculty care about your career aspirations. They take the time to make sure you grasp the material and will talk about your options within the field of psychology.

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