Prescott - Physics and Astronomy


Physics and Astronomy

Why did you choose your major?

I began at UMKC studying chemistry since I have always desired to understand and describe the fundamentals of everyday physical phenomena. After taking introductory physics courses I became intrigued and captivated by the interconnection between the two fields.

Ultimately, I’d like to be a condensed matter physicist, which focuses on the macroscopic properties of solids. This fall I start the graduate physics program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Have your professors made an impact on you?

There are a number of professors who have had an impact on me. Fred Leibsle helped me understand that good physical insight is the first important step to solving any problem, physics or otherwise. He makes sure his students know they are “capable of great things.”

What are your hobbies/interests?

I am a huge car guy. I like to better understand how things work, and when you start tearing apart and tinkering with things like cars and electronics, there is only so far you can go with without learning some fundamental science involving chemistry and physics.

Prescott graduated in 2015 with a BS in Physics and Chemistry.