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Undergraduate internships

Undergraduate internships

The department is committed to the notion that CJC majors' most valuable learning experiences often occur when there are opportunities to apply classroom learning in field settings. Each semester there are opportunities for students to work with community agencies or organizations under the supervision of agency professionals and CJC faculty from the department. To apply for a CJC internship, students must fill out a student information data form and submit the form to the CJC faculty internship coordinator, Dr. Toya Like.

Participation requirements

To participate in a CJC internship, a student must:

  • be a CJC major,
  • be a junior or senior in good standing,
  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75.

About CJC internships

  • Students are responsible for scheduling between 120-150 field hours during the semester.
  • Students may receive up to 3 semester hours credit for an internship. However, internships are not required for graduation.
  • Before the internship begins, students should enroll in CJC 491.
  • Internships must be unpaid (unless otherwise approved).
  • Students are advised to contact the faculty internship coordinator at least 5-10 weeks prior to the desired starting date for their internship. While we are committed to providing every opportunity for the student to conduct an internship experience, this is not guaranteed. While the faculty advisor will assist the student is setting up their internship, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to contact the local agency.
  • The specific details of the internship--its coverage, the number of hours per week, the time-span over which it is spread, etc.-- are left to the discretion of the agency, and any mutually-agreed upon arrangement between the intern and agency will be acceptable. The intern will be required to submit to the faculty internship coordinator written periodic reports, a journal or log of his/her experience, and a final report on the internship as a learning experience.
  • Depending on agency policy, students may be required to complete a criminal background check. Students should also understand that agreeing to participate in the internship experience means they are ambassadors for the CJC program and UMKC, and will maintain the highest level of professionalism during the internship.
  • All internships are approved at the discretion of the faculty Internship Coordinator, Dr. Toya Like.

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