Students listening in a CJC class

About Us

The Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology at UMKC is made up of productive scholars, dedicated teachers, and committed staff who are engaged in and support discovery and innovative service in the community, and are committed to student learning in the field of Criminal Justice & Criminology. Our learning community focuses on the growth and development of all of its members, while promoting equality, diversity and inclusion, and meeting the needs of the greater Kansas City community and beyond.

Mission Statement

The Criminal Justice and Criminology Department offers students the opportunity to analyze and interpret systems of social control that are applied through the criminal justice system and throughout society. The major develops skills in critical thinking, communication, and conducting and evaluating research to promote evidence-based decision-making. Inclusive learning environments require students to become knowledgeable and culturally competent individuals. As such the major emphasizes community engagement and service to prepare students for the jobs and leadership opportunities that will allow them to engage with the broader community and for their role as future change agents.