Colorado cartoonist responds to Paris attack

Colorado Cartoonist Mike Keefe, KUSA-TV 9 news reportDENVER – Longtime cartoonist Mike Keefe is responding to the terrorist attacks against French magazine Charlie Hebdo in the only way he knows how: by drawing.

After 36 years at The Denver Post, Keefe now draws for the website Colorado Independent, which published his latest cartoon on the attacks.

“This is exactly what cartoonists do. They see some injustice in the world and they either use humor, irony or drama to make a statement about it,” he said.

Working from home, Keefe showed his work on another piece, featuring writing utensils simulating rockets aimed at one of the attackers in a drawing called, “Counter Attack.”

It’s his way of supporting his fellow cartoonists and journalists who died.

“I stand in solidarity with any journalist who tries to do their craft,” he said. “These guys wanted to silence those who criticized their religion. They say this is blasphemy. That effect, of course, they’ve just brought more down upon themselves.”

Keefe, a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, said the best response to the attacks is to show that backing down is not an option.

“You’re not really doing your job as a cartoonist unless you’re really pushing that envelope,” he said. “The terrorists, the people who did this attack are trying to shutdown commentary that they don’t agree with. And that effect has been just the opposite.”