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Why Communication Studies?

No matter what career you pursue, your success will depend upon effective communication. Every employer is seeking employees who can write, speak, and listen effectively. This is why Communication Studies is such a useful major.

There are some obvious career paths for students who pursue a degree in Communication Studies. You might decide to be a journalist, or a filmmaker. Or, you might pursue a career in public relations or political campaigns. But there are also many less-obvious careers that you can pursue with a degree in Communication Studies.

Event planning is a career that is well-suited to Communication Studies graduates. Think about all the tasks that go into planning a big event. Most of the tasks involve communication, right? Negotiating with vendors requires good interpersonal communication. Hosting an event requires effective public communication. Working with committees requires an understanding of group and organizational communication.

Communication Studies graduates also find careers in human resources, management, and fundraising. For students who wish to continue their studies, a degree in Communication Studies provides a solid foundation for graduate studies, or law school.

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UMKC offers three different emphasis areas within Communication Studies. Students from each of these areas have found success in Kansas City, and beyond. This means that you will become part of a larger network of professionals. The benefits of this network are available long before you graduate.

Students often complete communication internships in diverse fields, including radio, television, social media, political campaigns, and event planning. While our students typically take advantage of internships in Kansas City, they have also completed internships in Chicago, Los Angeles, and in Europe.

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At Home in Kansas City

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Our department takes full advantage of being located in a major metropolitan area. Being in Kansas City means it is easy to bring in professional guest speakers, and for students to complete internships. At many schools, students are hours away from these sorts of professional development opportunities. At UMKC, professional development opportunities are always nearby.