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Curricular Proposal Overview
Brief explanations of different types of curricular proposals and information on how the review process works for each

Course Proposal Tip Sheet
Developed by UMKC Assessment SP19

Contact Information

Dr. Paul Rulis, Chair

Alicen Lundberg, Coordinator

Curriculum Committee

Curriculum and Catalog Deadlines:

All changes (with exception of new programs) currently submitted will be effective for the 2022-23 Catalog.

  • October 1, 2021 – Recommended deadline for proposal to receive chairs’/directors’ approval in CourseLeaf
  • December 1, 2021 – Deadline for proposal to receive Dean’s approval

New Programs:

Ideas for new programs should:

  1. be emailed to the appropriate Associate Dean for review, then
  2. submitted to be reviewed by the university’s Academic Innovation Committee through a Program Concept Form

Once the concept has been approved, please work with the CAS Curriculum Committee Coordinator to prepare the CourseLeaf proposal for catalog review.

CAS Curriculum Committee Spring 2021 Meetings:

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 – 2-3:30 pm
Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – 2-3:30 pm

CAS Curriculum Committees will take place via Zoom.

*New program proposals and some course proposals have workflow reviews that occur before entering the CAS Curriculum Committee’s queue. The committee will attempt to review proposals according to the submission deadlines listed, but delays or rollbacks prior to a proposal coming to the committee may cause delays to when the committee can review.

  • Writing Intensive courses – Sent to Reading and Writing Board
  • Service Learning courses – Sent to Provost Office
  • Undergraduate Research courses – Sent to Director of Undergraduate Research

All course proposals, including modifications, must include Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).

Prepare Submission:

University-Wide Information & Resources: Links to CourseLeaf systems and associated quick reference guides.

Syllabus Template (effective FS20)

Some common areas that cause proposals to be rolled back at some point of the workflow:

  • Lack of updated Curriculum Map and/or Assessment Plan (current maps and plans can be found in the program’s Assessment folder in UMKC Box)
  • Lack of update to Course Rotation
  • Mismatched information between CourseLeaf and Syllabus (Course Number, Title, Catalog Description, Class Format, etc.)
  • Missing grading information (percentages/points for each assignment, overall grading scale, etc.) or other key syllabus elements

Meeting Attendance:

If your department is on the agenda, your chair/director and administrative support will be contacted regarding meeting attendance. The committee reviews proposals in advance and comments/questions are shared with the department in an effort to streamline the process. Based on the feedback, we will request a representative familiar with the proposal to attend the meeting or determine that representation could be optional.

Course modifications do not require a representative at the meeting, but an explanation of what changes are being made and why can provide important rationale for the Committee. This justification can be entered into CourseLeaf or submitted as a short statement via email to the Curriculum Committee Chair and/or Coordinator.


Committee Coordinator: Alicen Lundberg (816-235-2534)
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