Wai-Yim Ching

Curators' Professor

Office: Flarsheim Hall #250C
Ph: 816-235-2503
Email: chingw@umkc.edu


Prof. Wai-Yim Ching joined the UMKC Department of Physics and Astronomy in 1978. Prof. Ching’s research area is theoretical condensed matter physics and materials science. He is interested in the electronic, optical, structural, dynamical, magnetic and superconducting properties of a variety of solids. The main method used is density functional theory based orthogolaized linear combination of atomic orbitals (OLCAO) method. In recent years, research efforts have been focused on the following topics:

Advance ceramics, ceramic interfaces and microstructures.
Transition metal ions in laser crystals.
Defects and impurities in insulators.
Rare-earth Fe compounds and permanent magnets.
Excited state spectroscopy such as EELS, ELNES and XANES, etc.
Application to biomolecules and bioceramics.
Development of computational methodologies and algorithms.

Academic Credentials:
Ph.D., Louisiana State University
M.S., Louisiana State University
B.S., University of Hong Kong

Teaching Areas:
Solid State Physics
Optical Properties of Matter
Mathematical Methods of Physics
Quantum Theory of Solids