Richard Delaware

Teaching Professor
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Dr. Richard Delaware joined UMKC in 1984. For 19 years until 2003 he was Mathematics Coordinator, and the last five of those years Associate Director, of the Mathematics and Physics Institute, a College of Arts and Sciences program for gifted and talented high school seniors. In 1998 and 2005, he recorded over 70 hours of video, entire College Algebra and Calculus I courses, now posted on UMKC’s YouTube channel. He has given more than 70 presentations of over 50 original Expository Mathematics talks, and organized a series of 279 such talks at UMKC for 23 years until 2010. He is a founding member and organizer of the 27 year Kansas City Mathematics Technology EXPO annual conference, held at UMKC since 2009. As a member of the University Writing & Reading Board, he was one of the architects of the RooWriter.

Academic Credentials

B.S., Mathematics, University of Santa Clara (1974)
M.A., Mathematics, University of Kansas (1977)
Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Missouri – Kansas City (2000)

Honors and Awards

Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers, Scholars, and Artists (UMKC, 2017)
Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics (MAA Missouri section, 2011)
Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (UMKC, 2011)
Founding Faculty Member Award, 19 years at the Mathematics and Physics Institute (MPI, UMKC, 2003)
Dean’s Award for Outstanding Teaching (UMKC, 1995)
Educational Partners Award (Inroads, 1989)


Dr. Delaware has taught 26 different undergraduate courses and 4 graduate courses. Since 1998 he has been the sole instructor for the proof-based writing-intensive Math 464 WI History of Mathematics course. Students from that course through 2017 have produced 23 mathematics publications (21 local, 2 national), won 12 national writing awards (10 first place), and 7 local writing awards.