Nacer Khelouz

Associate Professor and French Graduate Advisor

Office: Scofield Hall rm. 204
Ph: 816-235-5996


Dr. Nacer Khelouz is Associate Professor of French and has taught at UMKC since 2007.  He specializes in Maghrebian, Sub-Saharan & Caribbean literatures and cinema. His fields of research and teaching range from French literature from the 18th to 21st centuries, colonial & post-colonial studies, literature & film, and contemporary French culture to societal issues, such as multiculturalism, the notion of national identity, and French laïcité. Dr. Khelouz most recently presented a paper on “les identitaires” at a conference titled “Far Right Movements in France.”


Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh ; Maîtrise and Licence, Université de Paris VIII – Saint-Denis


A theoretical book on the Algerian novel: Le roman algérien des années 1920. Entre fiction et réalité politique.  (L’Harmattan, 2011)
A novel: D’une rive à l’autre.
A collection of poetry: Effets Secondaires.
A recently published article: “Pedagogy across Cultures”.