Daniel McIntosh

Department Chair and Associate Professor
Director of STEM Education Research

Office: Flarsheim Hall #250M
Ph: 816-235-5324
Email: mcintoshdh@umkc.edu
A Bridge to the Stars


Professor McIntosh joined the UMKC Department of Physics and Astronomy in 2008. His research activities and interests center around being a galaxy demographer. Prof. McIntosh maps changes in galactic populations over cosmic time using premiere observational surveys (such as CANDELS) to learn more about how and why galaxies have grown during cosmic history. Learn more here: [for the public].

For more information on the activities of my team of student researchers, please visit the UMKC Galaxy Evolution Group webpage.

Awards and Distinctions:

Extraordinary Professor of Physics, University of Western Cape (2017-present)
Affiliate (UMKC) Director, NASA Missouri Space Grant Consortium (2010-2018)
Provost Fellow (2018-2019)
Norman Royall Distinguished Professor (2017-2019)
UM President’s Award for Innovative Teaching (2016)

Academic Credentials:

Ph.D., University of Arizona
B.S., University of California-Los Angeles

Teaching Areas:

Introductory Astronomy Courses (Motions of the Cosmos, Starlight and Star Stuff)
Advanced Astrophysics Courses (Stellar Astrophysics, Galaxies)
Research and Data Science Skills Training (Intro lab, Undergraduate Research)