Kamel Rekab

Professor and Stat Graduate Advisor

Office: Manheim 307D
Ph: (816)235-5746
Email: rekabk@umkc.edu
Personal Website


Dr. Kamel Rekab joined UMKC as a full Professor in Statistics in 2005, after working at Florida Tech for 17 years. He served as the department Chair from 2005 to 2007. In 2005-2006, he served as the Vice President of the American Statistical Association (Kansas-Western Missouri) and in 2006-2007, he served as President.

Academic Credentials

M.S., Statistics, Stanford University (1984)
Ph.D., Statistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1988)

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Selected Publications

  • Asymptotic efficiency in sequential designs for estimating product of k means in the exponential family case, with X. Song., Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 4(1), (2017)
  • The identification of menstrual blood in forensic samples by logistic regression modelling of miRNA expression, with J. Ballantyne, et al.  ELECTROPHORESIS, 35(21-22), (2014)
  • A Multistage sequential test allocation for software reliability estimation, with H. Thompson, and W. Wu, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 63(2), (2013)
  • Effect of stroke location on the laryngeal cough reflex and pneumonia risk, with Addington et al., Journal of Cough, 1(4), (2005)
  • Sleep apnea avoidance pillow effects on obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and snoring, with N. Zuberi and H. V. Nguyen, Journal of Sleep and Breathing, 8(4),  (2004)
  • Prediction of software failures through logistic regression, with A. Salem and J. Whittaker, J. of Information and Software Technology, 46(12), (2004)
  • An asymptotic second-order lower bound for the Bayes risk of a sequential procedure, with M. Tahir, Sequential Analysis, 25(3), (2004)
  • The effect of tartaric acid-induced cough on pulmonary function in normal and asthmatic humans, with W.R. Addington et al., American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 82(5), (2003)
  • Asymptotically negative regret in sequential point estimation, with M. Tahir, J. of Nonparametric Statistic 13(2), (2000)
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