Rosalyn Bertram


Office: Cherry Hall - 5030 Cherry, Rm. 241
Ph: 816-235-1026


Dr. Bertram applies implementation science and evidence-based practice expertise in consultation, publishing, research, and teaching. She is Editor-in-Chief of a new Springer Press Journal, Global Implementation Research and Applications, co-author of Selecting and Implementing Evidence-Based Practice: A Practical Program Guide (Bertram & Kerns, 2019), and Director of the Child and Family Evidence-Based Practice Consortium.

Composed of purveyors, faculty, and behavioral health care administrators, Consortium products support effective, measurable implementation of promising, research-informed and evidence-based practices ( Current projects guide selection and effective implementation of Family First Prevention Services Act approved programs.

Through her National Child Welfare Workforce Institute university partnership grant, Rosalyn integrated implementation science and evidence-based practice in academic and field curricula to improve child welfare services while preparing future workforce and leaders. Now funded by Missouri Children’s Division, that effort continues as the UMKC Child and Family Traineeship.

Dr. Bertram’s previous efforts include multi-system policy and procedure revisions in Kansas City’s response to child sexual abuse, and over $1,000,000 in program development, technical assistance and training for SAMHSA Children’s Mental Health Initiative grants, Illinois Child & Family Services, Texas State Health Services, and Western Region Child Advocacy Centers.

Chinese proverb:“Teacher opens door; Student must choose to enter”