Rebecca Best

Associate Professor

Office: 304C Manheim Hall
Ph: 816-235-2535


Dr. Rebecca Best joined the Political Science Department at UMKC in the Fall of 2012. Her current research focuses on the reintegration of female combatants, the effects of women in government on the prospects for peace resolutions of civil wars, the effects of insurgent fractionalization on bargaining between states and rebels, and the effects of terror watch lists.


Pol-Sci 230: Introduction to International Relations
Pol-Sci 316: Terrorism and Political Violence
Pol-Sci : Politics of the Middle East
Pol-Sci 404: Conflict Resolution and Cooperation
Pol-Sci 452: Concepts in International Relations
Pol-Sci 5530: Seminar in International Relations

Academic Credentials

Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 2012
M.A., University of North Carolina, 2008
B.A., East Carolina University, 2006