Ile Haggins

Director of Field Education

Office: Cherry Hall, 5030 Cherry St., Rm. 246
Ph: 816-235-6717


Ile Haggins, MSW, LCSW is an Associate Teaching Professor/Director of Field Education in the School of Social Work, where she teaches and manages the field practicums for the MSW students. Ile has 25 years of professional experience in both the clinical and administrative arenas. Her areas of expertise include cultural competency, behavioral health, substance abuse prevention and treatment, and children and families.  Ile has conducted numerous trainings and presentations including the Clute Institute International Education Conference, the Society for Social Work and Research, the National Head Start Parent, Staff and Leadership Training Conference, the National Association of Black Social Workers, the National Head Start Parent & Family Engagement Conference, the Missouri Department of Mental Health and the Missouri Division of Social Services-Child Welfare.  She is also a certified trainer in both SBIRT and the Family Development Credential (University of Connecticut).