Jacob Marszalek

Associate Professor

Office: 5030 Cherry Street, # 315
Ph: 816-235-2683
Email: marszalekj@umkc.edu


Education: Dr. Marszalek received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Statistics and Measurement at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2006.

Teaching: Dr. Marszalek teaches undergraduate quantitative statistics and graduate courses in Statistical Methods, Structural Equation Modeling, Principles and Methods of Research, Latent Trait and Multilevel Modeling ad Development and Evaluation of Assessment Tools.

Research: Dr. Marszalek’s research interest is in translational methodology, motivational theories in psychology and education (e.g., flow, anxiety, reactance), educational and psychological measurement, social justice advocacy, evaluation of institutional/educational programs for minority outreach and support.