Do Supermassive Black Holes have a Super Effect on Galaxy Shape?

Prof. Dan McIntosh has followed Astronomy Magazine since the early 1980s when his Grandpa Bill and Grandma Tressie McIntosh gave him an annual subscription. Just recently, Prof. McIntosh published the answer to an “Ask Astro” question. Ask Astro answers reader questions about the science and hobby of astronomy in every issue of the magazine so it is especially gratifying for Prof. McIntosh to have the opportunity to provide an answer as a professional astronomer.

The reader asked, “Since a great number of galaxies are spiral in shape and there is a black hole in the middle of them, is the shape of the galaxy influenced by the “sucking” power of the black hole, like water spiraling into the drain of the bathtub?” Prof. McIntosh provides the answer.

Orbits of starts near Sat. A*