Undergraduate Student Opportunities

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Graduate Student Opportunities

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CEI research meetingCEI Research

The Center for Economic Information (CEI) was established in November of 1994 as a research unit in the Department of Economics of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri Kansas City. The research we do with and for the public sector will typically make use of our strengths in the use of geographic information systems, economic statistics, and econometrics. Our major public sector projects in the past include GIS-based surveys of the housing conditions of over 100,000 parcels in cities on both sides of the state line of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.


Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity

The Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity is an independent public policy think-tank dedicated to the promotion of interdisciplinary research in the service of an improved quality of life for all members of society. We believe that providing decent employment opportunities for everyone ready, willing and able to work at a socially established living wage is an institutional prerequisite for social justice and sustainable prosperity. “Sustainable prosperity” is conceived here holistically, to encompass the physical, mental, environmental, financial, educational and civic well being of all individuals, families, neighborhoods, and regions throughout the world.

Economics Club Membership

The Econ Club  is a student-led organization that fosters the flow of ideas within the department and between other departments. Through a series of regular events that are open to all, the club provides a forum for students to present their work-in-progress, for professors to promote and share their latest research with students, and for outside speakers to keep us all up-to-date on economics-related ideas outside the department. The club also hosts regular social gatherings, and promotes local activism.

School of Graduate Studies (SGS)

The School of Graduate Studies provides funds to help defray graduate student travel costs for the purpose of presenting original research papers at reputable professional meetings or equivalent activities in the creative arts. Such presentations may be volunteered or invited, and may be podium or poster presentations. It is limited to the cost of: transportation, registration fee (if required), one day’s lodging, and the current University per diem rate for one day’s meals. To receive the maximum award of $400 from the Graduate School, matching funds of at least $400 are required to be committed in advance by the student’s academic unit, and the total allowable expenses must be equal to or greater than $800. Only one request per student will be considered per fiscal year, starting July 1st and going through June 30th. It is best to submit this application promptly.

Office of Student Involvement Travel Funds (SAFC Funds)

You must be presenting at the conference, stay at the conference hotel, and keep receipts. The SAFC votes on whether you will receive funding. Max allotments are capped at $800 per student per year. Forms must be submitted five weeks before travel and one week before an SAFC meeting. You must defend your request on your own behalf.

Below are the details for submitting a travel request:

Log-in to roogroups.umkc.edu

Go to Campus Links (lower right hand side on the welcome page)

Click on Submit a SGA (SAFC) Funding Request

Click on My Budget Requests

Select Create a Request

Click on For Individuals

Fill out the Individual Travel Request Form

Submit your form and your request will be considered by the Comptroller and scored using the Rubric.

Please allow for 14 business days for a response on your submission.