Student Activities

UMKC Economics Club

The purpose of the club shall be: to encourage a greater understanding of economic issues; to foster enhanced participation in community, university, and national activities in the field of economics; to create a forum for expounding ideas; and to facilitate the cooperation of faculty and students in an informal setting.

The UMKC Economics Club does this through a few different avenues:

  1. Providing a forum(s) to bring club members together and discuss these issues
  2. Inviting guest speakers with knowledge in economic issues to speak to members
  3. Going to places of interest, either for education/fun or for presenting papers.

To learn more, join the UMKC Economics Club to receive regular updates on activities.


Oeconomicus is an annually published interdisciplinary journal of economic issues written, refereed, edited and published by undergraduate, MA, and PhD students in the social sciences. The focus of the journal is on critical or heterodox approaches to issues of economic methodology and theory, history of economic thought, economic history, political economy, and economic policy.

All heterodox traditions within the social sciences — including but not limited to — Post Keynesian, Marxist, Institutionalist, Austrian, Feminist, and Poststructuralist/Postmodern are welcomed. The journal is sponsored by the Economics Club at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Call For Papers

We are currently soliciting submissions for our 2017-18 issue and welcome full-length articles, book reviews, interviews, or comments. Submissions should be no more than 5000 words and should be submitted in MS Word format.

All editorial inquiries and submissions should be sent to the editor, Richard Twumasi, at The deadline for abstracts is March 15, 2018. The deadline for final papers is April 1, 2018.

For further information about detailed instructions for authors, the journal, the Economics Club and/or the UMKC Economic Department please visit our website

Editor: Richard Twumasi
Faculty Advisor: Ben Young

Current Issue

Volume XV – 2015/2016

Past Issues

Volume XV – 2015/2016

Volume IV – Fall 2000
Volume IV – WInter 2001
Volume V – Fall 2001
Volume V – Winter 2002
Volume VI – Fall 2002
Volume VI – Winter 2002
Volume VII – 2004/2005
Volume VIII – 2006/2007
Volume XI – 2009/2010
Volume XII – 2011/2012
Volume XIII – 2013
Volume XIV – 2014