Undergraduate Options

Studying economics opens are wide range of career choices including  teaching, government service, finance, banking, insurance, business and public administration.

An undergraduate degree in economics is also excellent preparation for graduate study in most academic disciplines, as well as law and business.

Specific requirements, sample schedules and tools for planning a degree can be found in the UMKC Course Catalog.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Economic knowledge and training are front and center in this age of exponential data generation. UMKC economics majors understand and analyze how economic markets work and how government policy influences U.S. and global economies.

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Students pursuing a B.A. in Economics may choose an emphasis area in Money and Finance, the Political Economy or Urban Economic Development.

Money and Finance Emphasis

Students pursuing the Money and Finance emphasis will be able to identify important issues related to money and finance from both a macro and micro perspective. They will develop expertise in the field of monetary economics, money and banking and use this knowledge as it relates to the field of finance.

Political Economy Emphasis

Students pursuing the Political Economy emphasis will focus their studies on the intersection of politics and economics, thus political economy. This focus of study provides students with various alternative ways of looking at society’s problems. Students will become proficient in this specific area of economic inquiry and be better suited to move on to graduate work in political economy, government employment and law school.

Urban Economic Development Emphasis

Students pursuing the Urban Economic Development emphasis will become familiar with a full-range of private, public and non-profit sector organizations and activities that contribute to the process of urban economic development. Students will develop comprehensive and advanced skills in spatial analysis and the operation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

B.A. to M.A. Program

Our dual degree Bachelor’s to Master’s degree program allows students to complete their undergraduate and graduate degree(s) in a shorter time period than the separate programs.

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Students must apply after completion of 60 hours toward their BA degree and prior to the start of the anticipated undergraduate graduation term.  Students must apply for the BA-MA option before applying for graduation with the BA degree.

To apply, students must submit an Application Form and a completed Declaration of Major forms to the Department of Economics (links below).

Application Form

Declaration of Major Form

Student applications will be reviewed and approved or denied at the discretion of the MA Program Advisor in the Department of Economics. The deadline for decision is December 1 for a May Graduation and May 1 for a December graduation.

Students must pass a college-level calculus course before entering the MA program. MATH 206 Brief Calculus and Linear Algebra or an equivalent is recommended; MATH 210 Calculus I is also acceptable.

Review the UMKC Course Catalog for complete details of the UMKC Economics BA to MA program.

Minor in Economics

We also offer an economics minor that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of economics in combination with a major in another academic subject.