Working Paper Series

The Economics IPhD students are working with the department faculty on the creation of a working paper series.

More to come soon…

Faculty Publications

Our faculty members are active in their fields and regularly publish their research.

William K. Black, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of California at Irvine

“The U.S. Banking Industry in Transition,” in Real World Banking (5th ed.),
eds. Dan Fireside & Amy Gluckman (Dollars & Sense 2008).

“When Fragile Become Friable: Endemic Control Fraud as a Cause of
Economic Stagnation and Collapse,” in White Collar Crimes: a Debate, K.
Naga Srivalli, ed., Hyderabad, India, The Icfai University Press (2007: 162-
“Corruption Kills,” in International Handbook of White-Collar Crime, Henry
Pontell & G. Geis eds. (Springer 2007).

Doug Bowles, CEI Director, Director Social Science Consortium, Ph.D., University of Missouri-Kansas City

“Comprehensive Study of Poverty in the Kansas City MSA” (with Frank
Lenk, Manny Trillo, and Jeff Pinkerton of the Mid-America Regional
Council, and Peter Eaton and Saima Sami of the UMKC Center for
Economic Information; forthcoming, Spring 2009)

Evolutionary Social Theory (edited volume, with the UMKC Evolutionary
Social Theory Workgroup)

“The Impact of Neighborhood Crime on Low-weight and Premature Birth in
KCMo” (with Peter Eaton, Megan Cornell, and Sara Ballew of the UMKC
Center for Economic Information, and Gerald Hoff and Ji-wen Cai of the
KCMo Health Dept.)

Mathew Forstater, Associate Professor, Director, Center for Full Employment and Price Stability, Ph.D., New School for Social Research

State of Black Kansas City: Equality Index 2007 Kansas City Urban League,
Center for Full Employment and Price Stability

“Technology as Transsubjective Structural Context: The Uncertainty of
Investor Expectations” Review of Political Economy, (19.3), 2007.

“From Civil Rights to Economic Security: Bayard Rustin and the African
American Struggle for Full Employment, 1945-1978″ International Journal
of Political Economy, (36.3), 2007.

Erik Olsen, Assistant Professor, MA Advisor, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Amherst

“Economy and Society: Class Relations and the Process of
Economic Growth,” PhD dissertation, 2005, University of Massachusetts,

“The Problem of Social Ontology in Modern Political Economy”. Presented
at the Eastern Economic Association 2005 Conference, March, 2005.

“Locating Class: The Production, Appropriation and Distribution of
Surplus Value in a Social Accounting Matrix.” Presented at the
Eastern Economic Association 2004 Conference, February 20-21, 2004.

James Sturgeon, Professor, Department Chair, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

“Relatively Adequate Global Social Theory” with Douglas Bowles, et al.,
Journal of Socio-economics, Winter 1999.

“What’s In a Name? Production Technology and the New Car” Journal of
Economic Issues, June 1993

Linwood Tauheed, Associate Professor, I.Ph.D. Coordinator, University of Missouri-Kansas City

“Towards a Socio-Educational Index: A Preliminary Critical Institutional
Dynamics Model of the Interrelationship of Complementary and Limiting
30 Factors Associated with African American Student Performance”, PhD
dissertation, 2005, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

“Black Political Economy in the 21st Century: Exploring the Interface of
Economics and Black Studies. Answering the Challenge of Harold Cruse”,
Journal of Black Studies, May 2008.

“A Secular, National and Regional Analysis of the Impact of Labor Market
Discrimination on African American Socio-economic Development – 1870-
2000”, Illinois Transatlantic Slave Trade Commission (Commissioned by
the Illinois State Legislature in 2005), (forthcoming)

Karen Vorst, Professor, Ph.D., Indiana University

Financial Market Restructuring in Selected Central European Countries
(edited with W. Wehmeyer), Ashgate Publishing, 1998.

“The Economic Progress of Selected Transitioning Economies” and “The
Emerging Market Economy in the Slovak Republic” in The Return to
Mitteleuropa: Socio-Economic Transition in Post-Communist Central
Europe (edited by S. Abizadeh and A. Mills), Nova Science Publishers, Inc.,