Meet Our Students

While attending UMKC, our students publish creative and scholarly work; present at regional, national, and international conferences; hold internships at magazines and publishing houses; organize semiannual student conferences; and conduct their own research with a faculty mentor.

Meet one of our students, Alexa Sproles, who earned her B.A. in English with a Minor in Classical, Medieval, and Early Modern Literature at UMKC and is now pursuing her M.A. in English at UMKC.

English & Philosophy student Alexa standing in the CAS quad

Why did you choose to major in English?

I initially chose it because I love to write; however, my passion shifted to studying the actual process of writing and how it differs for individuals. Now I’m working toward my doctorate. I’ve also signed up for the Peace Corps and hope to go to Africa to teach French or English.

How have your professors helped you?

My professors have provided information on internships, job openings, extracurricular activities and advice on life in general. They are equally encouraging and helpful. Their blunt honesty has kept me humble, but they never cease to give me a high-five when needed.

What do you write about?

One of my favorite hobbies is writing for my blog [how early 2000s of me, I know]. My first year in college I was really sad and I missed my three sisters. I realized I needed to be less focused on being happy and more focused on being full of joy, so I started writing about how not to be affected by the sad things in life. A lot of freshmen have identified with my story and started reading my blog. It’s great to know other people are getting something out of it.