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First Gen Proud

In celebrating and acknowledging what it means to be a first generation student, UMKC faculty and staff and alumni who were first generation students themselves are invited to join the FIRST GEN PROUD community at UMKC.

Click the First Gen Proud pennant below for our growing network!

UMKC First Gen Proud pennant

You can help make the first generation student identity one that is more visible and vocal on the UMKC campus. Here are some ideas how:

  • Add FIRST GEN PROUD to your email signature
  • Contact the program team by email at firstgenroo@umkc.edu or using the contact form below to:
    • add your name to our FIRST GEN PROUD registry
    • share your first generation story with the First Gen Roo team
    • give your advice for incoming first generation students
    • let the team know that you would like to be involved and stay informed about First Gen Proud and First Gen Roo

We also welcome people who are not first generation students themselves, but want to join in demonstrating their support and enthusiasm for first generation students.

Submit about being First Gen Proud so we can build our registry!