Advisory Board

The Foreign Language Advisory Board’s mission is to support, advise, and promote the Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures at UMKC in its efforts better to serve the students of UMKC as well as our city, state, region, and nation.

The main purposes of the advisory board are to:
• Advise the Department on issues that impact mission and strategy;
• Serve as a sounding board on planning issues, new programs, and activities;
• Identify opportunities for students to interact with the community, businesses, and organizations, through internships, mentoring, and experiential learning;
• Serve as an advocate for the department’s interests within the University and the greater community;
• Assist in acquiring resources and fundraising in support of the department’s mission.

As the board grows in membership, members will be taking responsibility for specific aspects of the mission, such as helping to develop internships for FLL students, or fundraising, or advocacy.

UMKC Representative who serve on this board:

Dr. Alberto Villamandos, Department Chair of Foreign Languages and Literatures, UMKC

Dr. Scott Baker, Associate Professor and German Advisor, Director of the Bachelor of Liberal Arts Program (BLA)

Tammy Shelton, Administrative Assistant for Foreign Languages and Literatures, UMKC, (staff liaison)