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Our Global World

Our world is becoming smaller. We can travel almost anywhere quickly and with ease. And we can communicate with people virtually everywhere with a few keystrokes or an inexpensive phone call. And so our opportunities are ever expanding to learn about other cultures, understand how other people live and love, and analyze why people do what they do. It is for precisely these reasons that employers want to hire people who speak a foreign language.

Why Study a Foreign Language?

Studying a foreign language allows us a privileged perspective on another culture, provides an entryway to understanding how other people conceive of the world. But more than that, studying a foreign language will help you to better write and speak your native tongue, allow you to appreciate your own and other cultures’ artistic productions, and give you a better understanding into your cultural practices. Employers want to hire graduates who can problem solve, work in a team, communicate well, and understand abstract ideas. These are the precise skills that foreign language students along with fluency in their target language.