Placement Exam

The Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures STRONGLY encourages all students who have studied the language previously to take the placement exam before enrolling in their first French, German or Spanish course at UMKC.

The exam is on-line, and only takes 10-20 minutes. It may be taken from any Internet-connected computer using the site name and password (provided below). Students placing significantly above the baseline score for 4th semester (score of 403 or greater) and students who score at the extremes of an indicated range should consult an advisor in the language for appropriate placement.

Instructions for taking the Placement Test

1. Go to the following URL: UMKC Placement Test
2. Create your login account.
3. Select your language from the available tests.
4. Fill in the requested information and take the test (15- 30 minutes long). Note the instructions for resuming an interrupted test or viewing your previous score.
NOTE: As with other standardized tests, various factors can affect your score. The results are valid under normal circumstances, and only if you provide honest, non-contradictory answers. If you disagree with the results, you may try again (a different version is offered every time). You may also consult with a Foreign Language advisor.

If you have any issues with signing in and taking this placement tests, please contact the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at


Placement Scores

below 281: French 110 (1st semester French)
281 – 345: French 120 (2nd semester French)
346 – 402: French 211 (3rd semester French)
above 403: French 221 or above (4th semester French), consult an advisor

below 328: German 110 (1st semester German)
328 – 416: German 120 (2nd semester German)
417 – 547: German 211 (3rd semester German)
above 548: German 221 or above (4th semester German), consult an advisor

below 296: Spanish 110 (1st semester Spanish)
296 – 355: Spanish 120 (2nd semester Spanish)
356 – 439 : Spanish 211 (3rd semester Spanish)
above 440: Spanish 221 or above (4th semester Spanish), consult an advisor