UMKC History Faculty 2017

About Us

Historians are storytellers who reconstruct and reinterpret the events and experiences of the past for the present.

Our Mission

In keeping with the best practices of our discipline, the UMKC History Department serves our students, communities, cultures & society at large as:

  • cutting-edge researchers of the past,
  • teacher-mentors of future historians & citizens
  • critics providing historical context for public understanding

Our Vision

As an essential foundation for our democratic society, we strive to promote:

  • critical engagement with our shared pasts
  • inclusive & integrative interpretations of history

Our Approach

Our innovative approaches to historical engagement include:

  • traditional and interdisciplinary scholarship
  • academic, digital & public history
  • oral history & collaborative authorship
  • brick-and-mortar & online courses
  • internship opportunities


The Faculty of the UMKC History Department conduct research and teach in a wide range of fields.

General Fields
  • United States History (Early America/19th Century/20th Century/Contemporary)
  • European History (Early Medieval/Medieval/Early Modern/Modern)
  • World History (Early Modern/Modern)
Focused Fields
  • African-American History
  • American Midwest, South, West, & Civil War
  • British & Irish History (Medieval/Early Modern/Modern)
  • Dutch & German History (Early Modern/Modern)
  • Greek & Roman History (Ancient/Late Antiquity)
  • Japanese History (Medieval/Early Modern/Modern)
  • Latinx- & Latin American History (Colonial/Modern)
Interdisciplinary Fields
  • Borderlands
  • Business
  • Children & Youth
  • Everyday Life
  • Globalization
  • International Relations
  • Religion
  • Science, Medicine & The Body
  • Women & Gender
Topical & Methodological Fields
  • Cultural, Social, Economic, Environmental, Political & Diplomatic
  • Material and Visual Culture, Oral History, Public History, Public Humanities

Career Outcomes

Our focus on critical thinking, writing, research, collaboration, and communication prepares students for: