A female UMKC students sits in a history class wearing a UMKC sweatshirt.

Meet Our Students

History students at UMKC come together from all over the country. Get to know our students and you’ll know what the College is all about.

Ryan Nash SmRyan Nash, class of 2019, is a UMKC student double majoring in History and Chemistry.

Ryan believes that a better understanding of history leads to a better understanding of humanity.

Why did you choose to become a history major at UMKC?

“Despite continued advances in technology, human nature often doesn’t change with it; by understanding the motives, the sacrifices, and the important events in history, we are better positioned to make informed decisions in our lives, the voting booth, and our positions of employment and community.”

What words do you live by?

“Franklin D. Roosevelt famously stated, ‘Those who have long enjoyed the privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men died to win them.’ This quote inspires me to volunteer at veterans’ events, and continually reminds me that not only do we have great, unique lives and liberties, but that men overcame insurmountable odds to achieve them.  This inspires me to challenge myself and not to quit in the face of difficult odds.”

What is the best piece of advice you have been given by a history professor?

“Pursue your passions despite adversity.  In school and in life, you are faced with impediments and resistance, but pursuit of your true interests leads to your best work and often can overcome even the greatest adversity.”