History Seminar with Dr. Linda Mitchell 3

Research Methods

Research stands at the core of everything we do as historians.

Students sometimes get overwhelmed when they begin to recognize the difficulty in making truthful claims about the past. But there are many resources available to you to learn the tools of the historian’s trade.

We recommend the fabulous resources created by the Research Librarians at Miller-Nichols Library:

  • General guides to research,
  • Guides to proper citations, including explanations of plagiarism and software that can make citations easier for you, and
  • Subject-specific Library Guides, including twelve specific LibGuides for fields in history, that can help you navigate the digital resources for finding primary and secondary sources.

There is not a scholar among us who has not struggled with the writing process: that challenge is part and parcel of learning to become a historian. But there are tools available to help you at the Writing Studio—another great, free resource at UMKC. And should you be ready to share your research with others, do not forget to consider questions of copyright.