Dr. Sandra Enriquez and videographer filming a student in a Public History class

Digital Humanities

Bringing history to a screen near you.

Digital history refers to the use of digital media technologies—the computer, the internet, and software—to further historical instruction, presentation, research, and interpretation. UMKC faculty and students are involved in a wide range of activities in digital history and the digital humanities more broadly:

Digital History Projects

Digital history provides global access to online archives, library collections, and museum exhibits, as well as a vast range of historical documents from newspapers and songs, movies and diaries, to letters, legislation, and court documents. Resources developed by UMKC History faculty include Children & Youth in History (Miriam Forman-Brunell) and  Trug und Schein: A Correspondence (Andrew Bergerson).

UMKC History Blogs

UMKC historians are involved in the production of a number of history-related blogs, including the Scientist of the Day and UMKC HistoryMakers, as well as podcasts like Archiver, which is a tour through the most important moments in Kansas history.

Online Courses & Major

In the UMKC History Department students may take a variety of online courses, either as part of an online History minor or to contribute toward a History major. Fostering historical as well as digital literacy, students in these courses learn 21st-century methods of communication in the form of blogs, magazines, newsletters, exhibits, video essays, etc.

The UMKC Digital History Lab

The UMKC Digital History Lab is supported by a generous contribution from the William T. Kemper Foundation.  The lab enables history students to explore the intersections of historical research and new media by producing innovative Public History, Digital History, and Digital Humanities projects, also in collaboration with community partners.

Community Collaborations

The Department of History actively seeks collaborations with historical institutions in the greater Kansas City community. Past projects include The Edgar Snow Project and The Ordinance Project. Current projects include the Latinx KC: Oral Histories of the Latinx Community in Kansas City, The Pendergast Years, and the Quindaro symposium, among many others.

Public History Class with Dr. Sandra Enriquez 2