HSCP Student group photo

Become a Student

Dual credit students are considered UMKC Roos, with similar benefits as on-campus students.

Follow the steps below to become a dual credit student at UMKC.

Step 1: Apply for Admission

Apply for admission into the UMKC High School/College Partnerships Program.

Step 2: Register for Class

Paper enrollment forms can be obtained by your high school instructor. A separate enrollment forms must be completed for each course you plan to take that semester.

All enrollment material must be submitted to the instructor at your high school before the deadline. Do not directly mail enrollment materials to the UMKC HSCP office.

International students must submit copies of the following documents to show citizenship or legal residency:

  • Information/photo page in your passport
  • Permanent residency card (front and back)
  • Current visa
  • I-94 card documentation
  • Current I-20/DS-2019 document

Step 3: Pay Tuition and Fees

Several payment options are available. Registration forms will not be processed without indicating a form of payment.

Step 4: Pathway Access

A Pathway account is how you will access grades, transcript information and other services. Setting up a Pathway account is simple.