Enrollment and Application Process

1) All students must first register with the university by completing the Spring 2021 Dual Credit online application.

 ONE online dual credit application needs to be completed every semester that a student enrolls in dual credit. Students can apply for multiple classes with one application. Students should not complete a regular degree-seeking application through UMKC Admissions—dual credit students will not be registered with this application. Students should also provide a personal email address and not their school email address to ensure UMKC student information is not blocked by any school spam settings.

An 8-digit UMKC Student ID number will be emailed by UMKC Admissions to the student email address provided on the online application. This email is typically sent within 24-72 hours after completing the online application, but may be delayed due to high volumes of incoming applications. If this number is not received within a week, the student can contact the HSCP office. If a student has enrolled in dual credit previously, their student ID number will be the same. Student ID numbers can also be found on previous billings statements from the Cashiers Office. Please ensure students enter names/email address correctly as incorrect information can result in Student IDs not being sent to the proper email address.

2) Payment Options 

Spring 2021 Dual Credit Tuition Rate: $100.53 per credit hour               

Spring 2021 Dual Credit Digital Program Tuition Rate: $110.53 per credit hour

Payment options are as follows:

Option 1: a prepayment IN FULL, made either online or by check. Checks should be sent by parents/students directly to the UMKC Cashiers Office (AC112, 5115 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64110), NOT by the teacher and NOT to the HSCP office. Student ID numbers or Student SSNs should be written on memo line of the check.


Option 2

Monthly payment installments can also be made over the course of the semester. You will receive a monthly statement from the Cashier’s office. If you wish to make installments, send your payment(s) to: University of Missouri – Kansas City Cashier’s Office, 112 Administrative Center, 5100 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110.

3) Instructors must complete a class roster listing all participating dual credit students.

GPAs/ACT scores must be provided for all students. Sophomores, juniors and seniors will be eligible for dual credit with at least 3.0 GPA or a 21 ACT score.

Class rosters must be signed by BOTH the instructor and school registrar/counselor, or forms will NOT be processed.

Students interested in applying for tuition assistance will need to complete the Tuition Assistance application.

Students must include their correct birthday and UMKC Student ID or the form cannot be processed.

Students will be considered for tuition assistance based on either academic merit or financial need. Awards will cover up to 50% of the total amount for the course.

Notification of awards will be sent to the email used for the tuition assistance application