Tuition and Fees

Dual enrollment and digital programming courses through UMKC allow high school students to take college courses at a significant savings.

Dual enrollment students pay about one third the cost of comparable in-state university courses. HSCP students also save money on textbook and lab fees, as these materials are generally provided by the high school. Current tuition rates are listed in the registration material.

There are several payment options available.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance for HSCP courses is available on a limited basis based on financial need or merit/academic performance.Tuition assistance is not guaranteed. Students should complete the application for tuition assistance before start of their course. Please click HERE to access the tuition assistance application

A student may not enroll for subsequent semesters until all accounts are paid in full. No copies of transcripts will be issued or further enrollments confirmed if any financial obligations are outstanding to the University.