Dual credit students are considered UMKC students, with the same benefits as on-campus students.

UMKC dual credit students earn college credit and are awarded an official UMKC transcript. They also have access to campus resources, including UMKC Libraries, UMKC classes/labs and special events and exhibits on campus.

Dual credit students also receive the academic readiness needed to successfully transfer into a college environment after high school. Accumulating college credit while in high school may help students graduate from college early, saving them time and money.

HSCP Dean’s Scholarship

Students who have completed at least one HSCP course through UMKC and then continue pursuing their undergraduate degree at UMKC after high school are automatically considered for the HSCP Dean’s Scholarship, worth up to $20,000.

The HSCP Dean’s Scholarship may be combined with other UMKC scholarships. The College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship Office has more information.