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Bachelor of Liberal Arts

The College of Arts and Sciences offers the Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA) degree for individuals who seek scientific literacy, an understanding of the social sciences and an appreciation of the humanities. The BLA is an alternative to the BA/BS degree programs and is for individuals who do not wish to commit themselves to a specialty, whose aspirations are not served by a traditional major, and who desire maximum flexibility in course selection.

Students who have found the BLA degree particularly beneficial are those who have matriculated into the six-year medical program and pursue the combined BLA/MD degrees and those students wishing to apply to the UMKC School of Law through the Early Entry Law Program.

The College of Arts and Sciences also has pre-professional advisors who help students prepare for careers in a variety of law and healthcare fields by fostering personal and professional development and helping students select courses that will help them pursue these careers.

Requirements and tools for planning your degree can be found in the UMKC Catalog.