About Us

Mission Statement

The missions of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UMKC are to promote the importance of mathematics and statistics, to train future workers, and to advance the existing knowledge and application of mathematics and statistics. The department supports these missions through high-quality instruction in a comprehensive suite of undergraduate and graduate courses in mathematics and statistics and through interdisciplinary activities, including a high level of collaborative research activity in the life and health sciences, the STEM fields, finance, and economics.


Our students at UMKC receive cutting-edge research opportunities with expert faculty, exposure to theory, and numerous connections to career opportunities within Kansas City, the country and abroad. Meet our students


Our faculty carry out research in both the traditional disciplines of mathematics and statistics as well as interdisciplinary and applied mathematics. The research topics in traditional disciplines include commutative algebra, set theory, differential equations, and statistical analysis. The topics in applied mathematics include scientific computing, disease modeling, numerical analysis, and financial mathematics. Learn more about faculty research

Applied Mathematics Group

The UMKC Applied Mathematics Group is a research group within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Missouri-Kansas City. The applied mathematics group has interdisciplinary research interests in the areas of mathematical biology, scientific computations, applied analysis, and numerical linear algebra. See the Applied Mathematics Group Activities.

Undergraduate Programs

The department  provides an education that prepares students to excel in many professional or academic arena related to mathematics and statistics. The department offers coursework leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Double Degree/Major in Mathematics and related fields, and Mathematics Minor.

Graduate Programs

The department offers coursework leading to the Master of Science in Mathematics, and the Master of Science in Statistics. The department also participates in the UMKC School of Graduate Studies Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program with emphasis in Mathematics or Statistics.

Archives:  Departmental History

Our department was founded in 1933 as the Department of Mathematics at Kansas City University.  We have a trove of biographical profiles, lists, and trivia about our predecessors—faculty and students. Learn more about our departmental history