Applied Mathematics Group Activities

In addition to several interdisciplinary research projects, the current activities of UMKC Applied Mathematics Group include

(1) organizing Math & Stats Research Day (MSRD),
(2) providing Applied Mathematics Public Lecture Series (AMPLE), and
(3) professional service to the community.

Details of each activity are given below.

1. UMKC Math & Stats Research Day (MSRD)

The MSRD is an annual one day conference organized by the faculty members of the Applied Mathematics Group. It provides a platform for students and faculty to publicly present their research and scholarly activities in mathematics, statistics, and their applications in various fields. This event is open to all students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and staff. In a broad context, interdisciplinary studies with some applications of mathematical or statistical methods would be suitable to present in the UMKC Math & Stats Research Day.

Sixth Annual MSRD (2020)

Archive of MSRD

2019 UMKC Math & Stat Research Day

2018 UMKC Math & Stat Research Day
2017 UMKC Math & Stat Research Day
2016 UMKC Math & Stat Research Day
2015 UMKC Math & Stat Research Day

2. Applied Mathematics Public Lecture Series (AMPLE)

The Applied Mathematics Lecture Series is an effort to provide high quality lectures in applied mathematics. The lecture series  started in Spring 2016. For more information contact Dr. Noah Rhee (


Fall 2019 Schedule

  • 10/7/2019  Dr. Stephen Ziliak, The Significance of Statistical Insignificance, Roosevelt University

YouTube Videos: Part 1Part 2

  • 9/13/2019 Dr. John Spertus, Health Outcomes Research, Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute
  • 8/30/2019 Dr. Majid Bani-Yaghoub, Data Analytics & Actuarial Science, UMKC Math & Stat Department



Archive of AMPLE

Spring 2019 Schedule

      • 03/15/2019 Jessie Bleile, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)
      • 03/22/2019 Justin Munyakazi, University of Western Cape, South Africa
      • 04/05/2019 Xing Xia UMKC Math & Stat

Fall 2018 Schedule

      • 09/21/2018 Dr. Majid Bani Yaghoub, A gentle introduction to stochastic and deterministic infections disease models: theory, applications and computing
      • 10/05/2018 Dr. Akim Adekpedjou, Statistical Models in Actuarial Science: Applications and Importance in Our Daily Life
      • 10/12/2018 Dr. Xianping Li, Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation in Numerical Computations with Applications
      • 10/19/2018 Dr. Noah Rhee, Least Squares Method of approximating the Invariant Density of the Frobenius-Perron Operator

Spring 2018 Schedule

      • 02/02/2018 Dr. Majid Bani Yaghoub, A gentle introduction to theory and applications of nonlinear waves
      • 03/02/2018 Dr. Majid Bani Yaghoub, Theory and applications of nonlinear waves: Ecology of invasive species
      • 03/16/2018 Dr. Noah Rhee, Convergence and the Rate of Asymptotic Convergence of Jacobi Method
      • 04/13/2018 Dr. Justine Shults (University of Pennsylvania), Likelihood Based Analysis of Longitudinal Discrete Data with Over-dispersion

Fall 2017 Schedule

      • 10/27/2017 Dr. Xianping Li, Mesh Adaptation for Anisotropic Porous Medium Equations
      • 11/03/2017 Dr. Noah Rhee, Jacobi method for symmetric eigenvalue problem
      • 12/01/2017 Dr. Majid Bani Yaghoub, Using mathematics to characterize waves of invasive species

YouTube Applied Math Channel 

3. Professional Service to Community

The Applied Mathematics Group welcomes research and industrial collaborations with companies, business and corporations. We offer the following services several companies in  Kansas City metropolitan area.

a) Training and Consultation
b) Mathematical and Experimental Modeling
c) Big Data Analysis and Numerical Computations

For more information please contact Dr. Majid Bani-Yaghoub (

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