Daiwa Emmert smiling

Why Mathematics and Statistics?

Daiwa Emmert recently graduated with latin honors with a degree in education and the subject matter expertise in Mathematics & Statistics. She was also a successful student athlete at UMKC.

We invite you to read the Stories of Resilience Along the Mathematical Journey. These are stories of barriers that people face in the mathematics pipeline, and how perseverance and persistence garnered success. These stories  will inspire you to persist on the road to becoming a successful mathematician.

The faculty members in our department care about the success of the students and try their best to help them reach their career goals. Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics are among the top 15 college majors that are the most valuable in terms of salary and career prospects (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

There are many career opportunities (from www.maa.org):

Career Job title Company
Academia & Teaching Instructor, Teacher, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Lecturer Different Universities and Schools
Actuarial Science & Accounting Consulting Actuary, Senior Budget Analyst, Accounting Supervisor, Actuarial Analyst Plante & Moran, PLLC Buck Consultants, Joan Ogden Actuaries, Department of the Navy, Credit Union, Allstate Insurance
Business Management Quality Control Manager, Director of Inventory Control, Project Manager, Financial Officer Northwest Airlines, Hewlett-Packard, Biles & Associates, Target Corporation, L.L. Bean, Optimal Solutions
Computing Modeling and Simulation Analyst, Imaging Scientist, Electronic Commerce Specialist, Java Developer Dynamic Research Corporation, Sandia National Laboratories Daniel H. Wagner Associates Microsoft Games Studios
Engineering Associate Engineer, Staff Engineer, Systems Engineer, Consultant Mask House, IBM, Costal Engineering Consultants, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Investment Analysis Commercial Analyst, Risk Analyst The Americas Marathon Oil Company, Equifax, Travelers Insurance
Medicine & Life Sciences Biostatistician, Research associate, Bio-mathematician, Consultant Hoffmann La Roche Pharmaceutical Proctor and Gamble, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Military & Public Service Consultant, Program Manager, Agricultural Economist, Property Management Specialist Price Waterhouse, US Navy, Naval Surface Warfare Center, US Dept. of Agriculture, Defense Contract Management Agency
Sales & Marketing Educational Markets Manager, Marketing and Sales Consultant ZS Associates , Texas Instruments

Career Descriptions