Mathematics Fast Track Program


This program offers students an opportunity to meet the full requirements of the BS and MS in a shorter time period than the separate degree programs. The students may complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Statistics in four years and the Master’s degree in Mathematics the fifth year. Fast-track students may also apply for graduate teaching assistant (GTA) positions, by filling out the GTA Application Form.

Admission Requirements

  1. The applicant must be a UMKC undergraduate student who has completed a minimum of 60 cumulative credit hours (preferably between  60 to 90 credit hours).
  2. The applicant should complete the BS/MS application form and submit it to both the undergraduate and graduate advisors as listed on Academic Advising page.
  3. The applicant must satisfactorily complete the following courses:
    1.  Math 300: Linear Algebra I
    2. Math 301: On Solid Ground: Sets and Proof, or any 400 level class that has Math 301 as a prerequisite. For instance, Math 410, Math 420 or Math 402.
  4. A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 is required.
  5. A minimum GPA of 3.2 in Math/Stat courses is required.

B.S. Degree Requirements (total of 33 credit hours)

As listed below, there are 24 credit hours required undergraduate courses.

  • Math 210: Calculus I
  • Math 220: Calculus II
  • Math 250: Calculus III
  • Math 300: Linear Algebra I
  • Math 345: Ordinary Differential Equations, or Math 406: Partial Differential Equations, or Math 430: Numerical Analysis I, or Stat 436: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I
  • Math 402: Advanced Analysis I
  • Math 410: Modern Algebra, or Math 420: Linear Algebra II

The student should also take at least 9 credit hours of Math or Stat elective courses at the 400- level or above.

M.S. Degree Requirements (total of 30 credit hours)

The following core courses are required for the completion of the M.S. degree:

  • Math 5509 General Algebra I
  • Math 5510: Complex Variables I
  • Math 5513: Real Variables I
  • Math 5521: Differential Equations
  • Math 5532: Advanced Numerical Analysis I
  • Math 5545: Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering

Also a total of 12 Credit hours of Math or Stat elective courses at the 400-level or above must be completed satisfactorily.

B.S./M.S. Degree Overlap (up to 9 credit hours)

Up to 9 credit hours of 400-level Math or Stat courses in the graduate degree can overlap with the courses taken towards satisfying the requirements for the undergraduate degree.