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Courses with Common Final Exams

Math 110 (College Algebra), Math 210 (Calculus I), and Stat 235 (Elementary Statistics) are the only courses that have a Common Final Exam. These exams are given at the end of Fall and Spring Semesters, but not Summer Semesters.

The Common Final Exams are scheduled on the Saturday at the end of the last (partial) week of classes, and follow the two Arts and Sciences “Reading Days” on Thursday and Friday. Your Math 110, Math 210, or Stat 235 instructor will provide further details (exact time, room, type of exam questions, and so on) near the end of the Current Semester.

Credit by Examination

Students can “test out” some courses in the following two ways.

  1. Through the UMKC College Level Examination Program (CLEP) you can “test out” of two undergraduate mathematics courses:
    1. Math 110 (College Algebra)
    2. Math 120 (Precalculus)

    Our department does not administer these tests. The CLEP tests are administered at the UMKC Counseling and Testing Center located in Suite 206, (Old) Student Services Building, 4825 Troost, (816) 235-1635, open M-F, 8 am – 5 pm. For complete CLEP information see the UMKC site for CLEP. Our department accepts the results of these tests. But, be sure to check with your own department or school first since some (for instance, the School of Pharmacy) do not accept CLEP credits.

  2. Within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics only the following courses
    are available for credit by a departmental examination which we administer:

    1. Math 210 (Calculus I)
    2. Math 220 (Calculus II)
    3. Math 250 (Calculus III)

    For our specific department information visit: Credit by Departmental Examination.

Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate

Credit for certain courses is awarded for sufficiently high scores on AP exams or Higher Level IB exams, as follows.

  • For AP (Advanced Placement) Calculus:
    Calculus AB — Score: 3 or above — Transfers as: Math 210 (Calculus I) (4 credit hours).
    Calculus BC — Score: 3 or above — Transfers as: Both Math 210 (Calculus I) and Math 220 (Calculus II) (each 4 credit hours).
    For full UMKC details see AP on Registration and Records webpage.
  • For AP (Advanced Placement) Statistics:
    Score: 4 or above — Transfers as: Stat 235 (Elementary Statistics) (3 credit hours).
    For full UMKC details see AP on Registration and Records webpage.
  • For IB (International Baccalaureate) Mathematics:
    IB Examination for Mathematics HL (Higher Level) — Score: 5 or above — Transfers as: Math 210 (Calculus I) (4 credit hours).
    For full UMKC details see IB on Registration and Records webpage.

Internship Courses- Math 496 and Stat 496

Internships provide a positive learning experience for students by allowing the development of professional skills and an assessment of possible career paths

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