Over 300 students named to CAS Dean’s List for Fall 2016


A total of 341 students in the UMKC College of Arts and Sciences were named to the Dean’s List for the fall 2016 semester. The CAS Dean’s List recognizes excellent academic performance among full-time undergraduate students with a grade point average of 3.85 or higher for the term.

Congratulations to the following students on their academic achievement:

Benedict Abbate, Economics B.A.

Rebecca Adams, English B.A.

Alec Adkins, Philosophy B.A.

Annelis Aguila, Dual Major: Languages and Literatures and Communication Studies B.A.

Steve Aguilar, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Khurshed Akabirov, Chemistry B.S.

Abdullah Akbar, Chemistry B.A.

Faisal Alenezi, Chemistry B.A.

Afnan Alghuwainem, Pre-Dental Hygiene

Ahmad Alhouti, Chemistry B.A.

Ali Ali, Pre-Dentistry

Jordan Allen, Sociology B.A.

Kelly Allen, Urban Studies B.A.

Sidney Almquist, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Ahmed Almuweel, Chemistry B.A.

Fares Alsafar, Chemistry B.A.

Felix Amparano, Chemistry B.A.

Quinton Anderson, Psychology B.A.

Samantha Anthony, English B.A.

Nora Anzawi, Economics B.A.

Piyom Aramoon, Chemistry B.A.

Samuel Atkins, Physics B.S.

Charley Atkison, Chemistry B.A.

Grant Austin, Communication Studies B.A.

Jarren Back, Mathematics and Statistics B.S.

Sokhna Badji, Communication Studies B.A.

Latonya Barber, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Tyler Bare, Chemistry B.A.

Noah Bartelt, Theatre B.A.

Danielle Bausch, Environmental Studies B.A.

Daniel Bean, Communication Studies B.A.

Nicholas Beck, Pre Pharm

Angela Bedard, English B.A.

Fatema Behbahani, Chemistry B.A.

Shelby Bell, Mathematics and Statistics B.S.

Anna Bell, Chemistry B.A.

Lauren Bell, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Mohammed Ben Eid, Chemistry B.A.

Kent Bentley, Architectural Studies

Jacob Berger, Political Science B.A.

Joshua Berry, Pre Pharm

Sasha Bingaman, Studio Art B.A.

Dalton Blackwell, Communication Studies B.A.

Natalie Blancarte, Communication Studies B.A.

Kylie Bocock, Psychology B.A.

Samantha Bradfield, Dual Major: Psychology and Studio Art B.A.

Devon Braxton, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Beatrice Brittan, Chemistry B.A.

Cynthia Brizendine, Psychology B.A.

Hunter Brown, Dual Major: Languages and Literatures and Communication Studies B.A.

Jenna Brown, Pre Pharm

Eric Brown, Geology B.S.

Jordan Brown, Sociology B.A.

Elizabeth Burks, Languages and Literatures B.A.

Domenic Bush, Communication Studies B.A.

Brock Buzbee, Chemistry B.A.

Noah Cahill, Pre Pharm

Beulah Calixte, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Jeremy Callahan, Geography B.S.

Lucia Callicotte, Psychology B.A.

Amanda Calvert, English B.A.

Raegan Campbell, Psychology B.A.

Willow Carr, Psychology B.A.

Hannah-Kaye Carter, Chemistry B.A.

Tristen Caudle, Economics B.A.

Tanisha Cobbs, Psychology B.A.

Kyle Coday, Environmental Science B.S.

Ceidra Coleman, Communication Studies B.A.

Lindsey Conrad, History B.A.

Jonathan Contreras, English B.A.

Quinton Cook, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Kyra Crabtree, English B.A.

Dylan Cramm Horn, English B.A.

Anne Crawford, Dual Major: English and History B.A.

Sarah Critchfield, Psychology B.A.

Austin Crockett, Studio Art B.A.

Rachel Cullen, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Kauthar Daud, Psychology B.A.

Claire Davis, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Jordan Davis, Dual Major: Sociology and History B.A.

Fatima Delic, Dual Major: Communication Studies and Political Science B.A.

Anna Deluca, Chemistry B.A.

Nihit Desai, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Sanket Desai, Dual Major: Psychology and Chemistry B.A.

Bianca DiCarlo, Communication Studies B.A.

Andy Dierkes, Chemistry B.A.

Anthony Direnna, Psychology B.A.

Sarah Dirks, Languages and Literatures B.A.

Shaleana Disorbo, History B.A.

Hannah Downie, Communication Studies B.A.

Elizabeth Duarte-Rios, Psychology B.A.

Brendan Dulohery, Environmental Studies B.A.

Abigail Dunn, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Jessica Duron, Communication Studies B.A.

Heather Dyreng, English B.A.

Leah Eckardt, Psychology B.A.

Jenna Edens, Pre Pharm

Lauren Eide, Chemistry B.A.

Brianna Ely, Psychology B.A.

Morgan Engelbrecht, Pre-Dental Hygiene,

Vanessa Esquivel, Psychology B.A.

Deena Essa, Political Science B.A.

Ashley Estes, English B.A.

Kole Evans, Communication Studies B.A.

Maya Farr-Atkins, Psychology B.A.

Jordan Fash, English B.A.

Azani Fitten, Communication Studies B.A.

Sophia Flowers, Communication Studies B.A.

Randell Folden, Geology B.S.

Quationna Forbush, Pre Pharm

Jordan Frankow, Chemistry B.S.

Hannah Freeman, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Kennady Gales, English B.A.

Amanda Garcia, Communication Studies B.A.

Justin Garnett, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Mikayla Garrels, Psychology B.A.

Sarah Gauld, Environmental Science B.S.

Andrew Gerstner, Economics B.A.

Jessica Gettleman, Psychology B.A.

Stephen Goulding, Economics B.A.

Melissa Grace, English B.A.

Audrey Grant, Studio Art B.A.

Dasia Graves, Psychology B.A.

Maxwell Griffith, Economics B.A.

Theran Guiot, Psychology B.A.

Vasundhra Gupta, Communication Studies B.A.

Jacob Gurera, Dual Major: Psychology and Sociology B.A.

Erin Hagemann, Psychology B.A.

Ashley Harder, Chemistry B.S.

Elizabeth Harned, Studio Art B.A.

Jedidiah Hartley, English B.A.

Nickholas Hatton, Economics B.A.

Cash Hauptmann, Physics B.S.

Jaeasia Hawkins, Communication Studies B.A.

Stephanie Hayes, Psychology B.A.

Mattison Hayes, Communication Studies B.A.

Samantha Hays, Chemistry B.S.

Kristiana Her, Communication Studies B.A.

Andrea Herron, Six Year Law Scholars

Romero Higareda, Pre Pharm

Lauren Higgins, Physics B.S.

Jessica Hildreth, Psychology B.A.

Jessica Hill, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Hanh Ho, Chemistry B.A.

Hai Hoang, Environmental Science B.S.

Shalie Hoffman, Communication Studies B.A.

Meagan Holloway, Communication Studies B.A.

Aaron Howard, Psychology B.A.

Cierra Howe, Communication Studies B.A.

Bailey Hughes, Dual Major: English and Political Science B.A.

Tori Humiston, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Seung Hoon Hwang, Chemistry B.A.

McKynzie Inscho, Political Science B.A.

Allison Jacobs, Pre Pharm

Anna Johnson, Psychology B.A.

Samantha Johnson, Psychology B.A.

Melody Jonas, Studio Art B.A.

Wayne Jordan, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Gaile Juknevicius, History B.A.

Jack Junker, Pre-Law

Minha Jutt, Economics B.A.

Joshua Kawase, Psychology B.A.

Madeline Keller, Studio Art B.A.

Kelsey Kendall, Pre-Medicine,

Nathaniel Keown, Economics B.A.

Rachel Kephart, Communication Studies B.A.

Kevin Keyser, Physics B.S.

Lina Khalaf, Chemistry B.A.

Conor Killen, English B.A.

Jourdan Kilthau, Chemistry B.A.

Bruce Kim, Communication Studies B.A.

Thomas Kimmel, Urban Planning and Design- B.A.

Thomas King, Economics B.A.

Luke Knapp, Political Science B.A.

Breanna Kolkoski, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Samantha Koloroutis, Communication Studies B.A.

Madison Kostelac, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

William Kuhlke, Studio Art B.A.

Aman Kukal, Economics B.A.

Madison Lackey, Dual Major: Criminal Justice and Criminology and Languages and Literatures B.A.

Katrina Lacombe, Psychology B.A.

Gabrielle Lambton, Physics B.S.

Melissa Lane, Communication Studies B.A.

Callie Lane, Mathematics and Statistics B.S.

Macy Layne, Communication Studies B.A.

Addison Leitch, Communication Studies B.A.

Kara Lewis, Dual Major: English and Languages and Literatures B.A.

Kyle Liggins, Chemistry B.A.

Zachary Linhares, Communication Studies B.A.

Olivia Linz, Languages and Literatures B.A.

Christina Lor, Pre-Medicine,

Stefani Lowe, Psychology B.A.

Derek Luke, Chemistry B.S.

Emmanuelle Maack, Dual Major: Art History and Communication Studies B.A.

Julianne Manuel, Communication Studies B.A.

Hannah Margolin, Psychology B.A.

Monica Marlett, Pre Pharm

Anne Martin, Urban Studies B.A.

David Matthews, Political Science B.A.

Aliyah McBride, Communication Studies B.A.

Eric McCulloch, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Casey McDonald, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Dana McLain, Languages and Literatures B.A.

Megan Melton, Geology B.S.

Briana Menolascino, Chemistry B.A.

Damien Midkiff, Mathematics and Statistics B.S.

Rebecca Miller, Communication Studies B.A.

Monica Miller, Geography B.A.

Sarah Miller, Psychology B.A.

Alexis Moore, Pre Pharm

Danielle Moran, English B.A.

Charles Mwaipopo, Geology B.S.

Bobby Myers, English B.A.

Haris Nawaz, Chemistry B.A.

Heather Neal, Psychology B.A.

Samuel Nelson, Psychology B.A.

Catherine Netwal, Psychology B.A.

Thuankieu Ngo, Environmental Science B.S.

Dung Ngo, Studio Art B.A.

Van Nguyen-Le, Pre Pharm

Samantha Nolte, Chemistry B.A.

Carolyn Nordengren, Dual Major: Art History and Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Joann Norwood, Sociology B.A.

Sydney Nyquist, Communication Studies B.A.

Tonya Odell, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Adenike Olabode, Pre Pharm

Brandon Ortega, Chemistry B.A.

Thomas Osborn, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Abigail Osgood, English B.A.

Josiah Pabst, Dual Major: English and Philosophy B.A.

Daryl Dominique Paje, Psychology B.A.

Antonio Panetta, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

So Park, Pre Pharm

Emily Park, Dual Major: Communication Studies and Political Science B.A.

Josie Pennington, History B.A.

Megan Perkins, Communication Studies B.A.

Kaylah Perry, Communication Studies B.A.

Joseph Pickert, Psychology B.A.

Austin Pierce, Communication Studies B.A.

Nicolas Porter, Communication Studies B.A.

Havilah Powers, Studio Art B.A.

Paige Preheim, Psychology B.A.

Tanner Prendergast, Chemistry B.S.

Micah Prior, History B.A.

Thomas Pulliam, Architectural Studies

Gilbert Randolph, English B.A.

Benjamin Rankin, Political Science B.A.

Jayanth Kosa Rao, Pre-Medicine,

Stephanie Ray, Communication Studies B.A.

Natalie Rediger, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Jack Reynolds, Physics B.S.

Rebecca Rickard, Psychology B.A.

Bayli Riley, Communication Studies B.A.

James Risalvato, Economics B.A.

Anthony Rivera, Studio Art B.A.

Elise Robertson, Sociology B.A.

Morgan Robertson, Languages and Literatures B.A.

Zana Robinson, Psychology B.A.

Reyna Rosales, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Emily Ross, Dual Major: Psychology and Communication Studies B.A.

Caroline Ross, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Xavier Salas, Dual Major: Criminal Justice and Criminology and Psychology B.A.

Matthew Salsbury, Communication Studies B.A.

Dylan Sanchez, Dual Major: English and Communication Studies B.A.

Julian Schempf, Communication Studies B.A.

Emma Schillinger, Environmental Science B.S.

Callahan Schlueter, Pre Pharm

Conor Schulte, Dual Major: Chemistry and Languages and Literatures B.A.

Brett Schultz, Liberal Arts B.L.A.

Antonia Scott, Dual Major: Political Science and Languages and Literatures B.A.

Amanda Selck, Philosophy B.A.

Derrick Shain, Psychology B.A.

Stacey Sharpe, Studio Art B.A.

Nicholas Shea, Communication Studies B.A.

Malia Shelton, Sociology B.A.

Kylie Sherwood, Dual Major: Psychology and English B.A.

Andrew Sigler, Economics B.A.

Mason Sipes, Dual Major: Psychology and Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Hugh Skidmore, Mathematics and Statistics B.S.

Dalton Slanaker, Dual Major: Chemistry and Physics B.S.

Helene Slinker, Political Science B.A.

Russell Smedley, Chemistry B.S.

Kathryn Smith, Psychology B.A.

Taylor Smith, Chemistry B.A.

Jennifer Snyder, Political Science B.A.

Sarina Soligo, Psychology B.A.

Jacob Sprimont, English B.A.

Alexa Sproles, English B.A.

David Stenger, History B.A.

Jennifer Stiner, Psychology B.A.

Amy Strassner, English B.A.

Madison Sutton, Psychology B.A.

Brandon Swanson, Mathematics and Statistics B.S.

Claire Tadokoro, Communication Studies B.A.

Maren Taylor, Geography B.S.

Matheus Teixeira Rohde, Psychology B.A.

Anna Thomas, Dual Major: Psychology and Sociology B.A.

Keaton Thomas, Pre Pharm

Jack Thomas, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Heather Thompson, Physics B.S.

Tanya Thompson, Political Science B.A.

Scott Thompson, Physics B.S.

Victoria Tolo, Psychology B.A.

Fatima Towakoli, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Wesley Tran, Pre Pharm

Kimberly Tran, Chemistry B.A.

Jenny Tran, Psychology B.A.

Anh Hong Tran, Chemistry B.A.

Frank Travis, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Kevin Trice, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Esmie Tseng, Communication Studies B.A.

Kamaya Tucker, Communication Studies B.A.

Lauren Uhls, Architectural Studies

Collin Vargas, Psychology B.A.

Emily Vogel, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Alex Vogt, Pre-Health Sciences,

Morgan Vogt, Chemistry B.A.

Landon Volkmann, Pre-Law,

Erika Von Holten, Communication Studies B.A.

Nam Vu, English B.A.

Araceli Wagner, Urban Studies B.A.

Robin Waltz, Dual Major: Geology and Studio Art B.A.

Jia Wang, Chemistry B.S.

Kayli Warner, Theatre B.A.

Aries Washington, Psychology B.A.

Annamarie Weddle, Urban Planning and Design- B.A.

Priscilla Weese, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Molly Weis, Psychology B.A.

Whitney White, Dual Major: Mathematics and Statistics and Physics B.S.

Shayna Wilmes, Psychology B.A.

Crosby Wilson, Pre Pharm

Joanna Windler, Dual Major: Theatre and Languages and Literatures B.A.

Elijah Winkler, History B.A.

Audrey Wishall, Communication Studies B.A.

Madison Yamnitz, Pre Pharm

Eric Yarbrough, Criminal Justice and Criminology B.A.

Rebekah Youmans, Dual Major: Communication Studies and English B.A.

Amy Zemelman, Liberal Arts B.L.A.