Meet Our Students

Philosophy students at UMKC come together from all over the country. Get to know our students and you’ll know what our programs are all about.

Ayalew_Ida-DancingIda Ayalew graduated in 2016 with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Black Studies. While at UMKC she was the Student Body President. She is currently a fellowship student attending Columbia University Law School in New York City, NY.

The thing that I love most about UMKC is the endless possibilities. You can accomplish whatever you desire but it is up to you to take hold of the rein and control the direction of the horse.”

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Gerby Jean-Noel standing with a backpackGerby Jean-Noel is a Pre-Med student with a double-major in Chemistry and Philosophy.

I am from Haiti, and when I was living there, I thought I’d pursue law school. The earthquake hit (2010) and my friends helped others through a mobile hospital. I want to help people through their trauma.”


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Sydney Harvey and Clancy Martin of the College of Arts and Sciences

Sydney Harvey was mentored by  Professor Clancy Martin. Sydney is now a doctoral student in Philosophy.

I am very lucky that I have found someone in my field of study who I respect and who I want to create my best work for. Clancy is truly a great mentor. I know I will be a great philosopher because of Clancy Martin.”

Sydney Harvey is a 2018-2019 Fulbright Fellow as well as a PhD student in philosophy at the University of Calgary and the University of Warwick.

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