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Degree Programs

Award-winning faculty and students collaborate on investigations into the fundamental questions posed by human existence and the universe we live in. What is the good life? What is the nature of truth? Of beauty? What is justice?

The Major in Philosophy

Doing philosophy means reasoning about questions that are of basic importance to the human experience—questions like, What is a good life? What is reality? How are knowledge and understanding possible? What should we believe? What norms should govern our societies, our relationships, and our activities? Philosophers critically analyze ideas and practices that often are assumed without reflection. UMKC’s philosophy faculty draws on multiple traditions of inquiry, offering a wide variety of perspectives and methods for addressing these questions.

The philosophy Major, which leads to the BA degree, is ideal for students who are interested in “deep questions”. Our majors are well-prepared for a variety of careers, as well as further study in professional schools such as law and medicine, and graduate school in many diverse disciplines.