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About Us

The Department of Physics and Astronomy sits within the UMKC College of Arts and Sciences and it directs the studies of about fifty undergraduate students and about fifty graduate students. The department offers a comprehensive suite of undergraduate and graduate courses covering core topics and departmental specialties that lead to a full slate of degree options from a Physics or Astronomy Minor to a Ph.D. All of our students gain a well-rounded exposure to theory, experiment, and simulation throughout their academic career. A variety of undergraduate research opportunities are available and our graduate research programs are active and cutting edge.

Our department offers nine internal scholarships dedicated specifically to our undergraduate majors and graduate students. Additionally, we provide guidance on obtaining graduate and undergraduate financial support from campus wide, regional, and other external resources. Concerning employment prospects, the department maintains connections to organizations that hire physicists within Kansas City, the country, and abroad so that when you graduate you will have a wide array of career opportunities available.

Our department has a fun and friendly student culture that is focused on shared success, intellectual exploration, and social camaraderie. This is evidenced through the Society of Physics Students, the Astro-Hour group, and the Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Society. If you like the idea of stretching your creative scientific spirit while enjoying a classic college campus within a major metropolitan center, then UMKC Physics and Astronomy is the place to be.

Check out our “Why Study Physics?” and “Why Study Astronomy?” pages to learn why physics and astronomy are excellent choices that will kick-start you into a great future.